Daylight Savings

See now, this whole daylight savings thing is just confusing. I didn't even notice that the afternoon was gone, because here it is after 5 pm already and it's still blazing sunlight outside. Maybe that's just by comparison though, since we did spend the last several days beneath the vortex of gray.

But what'll be really strange is next year, when US daylight saving time is extended clear back to mid-March and out to mid-November. This far north, if we're still on GMT+6 clear past Halloween, it's going to feel like the sun doesn't properly rise until lunchtime. As it is, all winter I'd glance at the sun when I went out for some mid-day chow, and think it must be 4 or 5 pm already because the sun's so low.

What I need to do, is spend some time tromping about near the poles. Then I won't notice these little quibbling differences between latitudes 29° and 45° so much. See, Antarctica will be good for me!

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