Good-ish Legislative Outcomes

I know, it's a shock, but these things can happen. Of course it wouldn't be so unusual if regular folks were to wake up, try voting themselves out of the present mess, and stop electing Republicans. Just had to get that in as preface.

The big national story is that Massachusetts has enacted reforms that will, in principle, ensure that everyone in the state has health insurance by next year. It is, as Ezra Klein points out, far from the ideal system. But the people want it and the next governor will likely be a Democrat, so there's cause for cautious optimism.

Closer to home, the state Senate's Judiciary committee has rejected Constitutionally-mandated bigotry by declining to pass on to the full Senate a bill that would put on November's ballot an amendment denying "marriage or its legal equivalent" to same-sex couples. That's probably just as well for the Republicans, since when you tell them that civil unions would also be outlawed, something like three-quarters of Minnesotans disapprove. Still, it's the sort of issue that tends to break down into a divide between the conservative rural communities and the Twin Cities metropolitans, and that sort of polarization we can do without.

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