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It's sunny and the robins are posing for pictures again. And getting fat, as is their wont. 2006:04:07 09:44:35 et seq

While I continue to be busy with (funding) proposals and the like, I did endeavour to take advantage of the absurdly lovely weather this weekend. This involved more not blogging than usual, and more in the way of prepping for summer gardening and otherwise puttering about. With the exception of the sage, my first batch of herb seedings failed, probably because I didn't have anywhere sunny to set them where it wasn't also noticeably chilly. I've gotten ambitious and planned a vegetable garden for this year, so there was some plotting and poking things with a shovel as well. The first pepper seedlings are already coming in, so I'd better hurry up and prepare a spot to transplant them.

After too many months of dormancy, it looks like my old Scavhunt team is kicking into gear. Good thing, too, 'cause List Release is one month from today. Although the days are long past when I took an especially active hand in pre-Hunt groundwork, it still always finds a way to keep me occupied.

My web reading at the moment: the American Prospect special report on the Post-Oil Economy. Lots there, so it'll be a while before I've fully digested it.

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