What I Learned This Weekend (Braindump!)


Several of these come from the Chicago Critical Mass mailing list, because I hadn't read it in a couple of weeks and had to clean it out. It's a rather high-volume list.

I learned that England also has some remarkably lousy bike lanes. Makes me feel better about the center lanes downtown that randomly stop and start.

It appears that I can get a roundtrip from here to Chicago and back for $25, and that's a quarter the price of the equivalent Greyhound ticket! Anyone know if these MegaBus.com folks are legit? Anyone used them before?

Purdue won this year's National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest with a 215-step paper shredder. On which topic, one of my labmates showed me The Cog, an astounding Rube Goldberg-worthy Honda ad that apparently attained viral status in 2003. You can still watch it here.

Cool idea: location-efficient mortgages. Get a better loan for buying in an area where you won't have to spend so much on transportation. Not available in Minneapolis, sadly, but if it's already in Chicago we can't be that far behind. There's also developments in some cities that have prime locations (London in particular comes to mind), but strongly discourage or even forbid car ownership. Because New Urbanism is the new hot thing.


The Honda ad is amazing. I remember seeing it, but forget when. My favorite part is the automatic wipers that crawl like a lumbering monster.

GO BOILERMAKERS! The contest was one of my favorite things about being at Purdue.

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