Tormenting 'wingers


Okay, things are just sane enough around here that I might try posting three times this week. Such daring! We'll see how that goes. Since folks have been asking, plans are definitely afoot to Hunt me some Scav (not Snorlax) next month. I don't know exactly what days I'll be in Chicago, as that is somewhat dependent upon my ability to bend time and space to my will or, to be more precise, reschedule finals week. Offers of crash space are gladly accepted. If I owe you a lunch date, let's talk.

If you were to, say, contract Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and be medically forbidden to type with your dominant hand, but still had papers to write and the like, you'd probably want one of these, wouldn't you? Except, we usually mouse with our dominant hands, so I don't know if the party this is intended for is reading.

Now here's a handy reference! The good folks at Firedoglake have been running a series of articles conclusively demonstrating once and for all that the Republican base is a, and I love this phrase, "racist freak show." This post summarizes the series and links to the previous installments. So the next time a Republican accuses you of being unserious unless you first denouce Howard Dean or Jessie Jackson, point 'em here and ask 'em what they think of their own base.

And speaking of making Right-winger heads explode, try this line next time you run into an abortion protestor: "If a fire breaks out in a fertility clinic, who do you save -- a Petri dish with five blastula or the two year-old child?" Not, you know, to make any sort of point, but just for good old-fashioned head-spinning fun.

Thank you, and good night.


You can crash with me if you want. I don't live as close to campus as your other options might, though. Wouldn't you be crashing at FIST HQ anyway?

Might take you up on that. I'd only be at HQ during the actual Hunt and would need crash space for a day or so before/after.

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