Post-Hunt Awesome

Recalling Scav '99: The Breeder Reactor. Fred and Justin smoking in their radiation suits outside a shed on the Ida Noyes lawn, which contained the reactor and was topped with an enormace purple Grimace. I've been looking for this photo for many years, and just located it this week. Apparently the UofC News Office somehow got ahold of it, and posted it here.

The 20th Great Hunt ended Sunday. There will be more extensive coverage here (and I'll round up links, too), once I can sit down and do some proper writing and webbing. At the moment I'm posting off the wireless net in a student lounge on campus, and must soon head out to get ready for my evening bus trek back North.

Sweet hunt this year -- good items, amazing team, although in terms of points the only real winner was Weathorr, the Norse God of Crappy Midwestern Weather invented by ScavHunt '04. At 300 points per city block plunged into seemingly eternal darkness (a real item this year), the Judges figure Weathorr racked up about 30 billion points this week.

You know what else is sweet? This photograph, which I've been looking for since about 2000. From my first year of Scaving, the Breeder Reactor in a Shed itself. Apparently enough time has passed that Admin can laugh at these things now.


Wait... so is that Armand peering around the corner of the shed (apparently unsuited-up)? 'Cause it looks like him from the back...

I think it's AJ.

I think it's AJ.

That's 1999-AJ's trademark flannel and 1999-AJ's balding pate, so I'm pretty sure Gemma's right on this one.

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