Updates: Travel, Settling In, Teaching (With Bonus Parentheticals!)

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And it seems I've let another week go by without posting here. What poor blog etiquette (netiquette used to be the word you'd use there, but I don't see that one much anymore, so it may have fallen out of wide usage -- and I don't see an obvious way to weld blog and etiquette into a compound). This will largely fail to even be an especially interesting post, and is aimed solely at those with an interest in keeping updated on my comings and goings.

The theme of the preceeding two weeks has been, as one might expect, dominated by catching up with things put off during the week I was in Chicago for Scavhunt. Today I got the last of those items off my plate by (finally) sitting for a final exam I blew off that week (this used to be a signature tactic of mine, if one not generally applied to exams; nice to see it still works). And on that note, my Memorial Day weekend was spent in Chicago getting in a final dose of Scavhunt 2006, at the all-team post-Hunt party and then bunking down in an apartment full of Scavvies and Judges for the following couple of days. There was also grilling, pie, and getting my ass genuinely kicked at Scrabble for the first time in maybe a decade. Most satisfactory.

An aside regarding Megabus is in order here. So far they've been generally punctual, on top of being clean, fast, and cheap. Schedules can, however, suffer under certain conditions when running a tight operation with no budget for redundancy. For instance if the afternoon Minneapolis to Chicago bus is delayed a couple of hours in Memorial Day traffic, then there's nothing to be done but spend a couple of hours hanging out on the sidewalk outside Union Station waiting for the bus to arrive. Not that I'm complaining, because any other mode of inter-city transport would have involved fifteen other kinds of madness. Just something to keep in mind.

Anyhow I'm now back in Minneapolis and can't go anywhere for about a month, as tomorrow I start my summer teaching assignment. Two hours of Astronomy 1001 lab a day for five weeks, plus some grading and proctoring, ought to keep me nailed down for June. Although it will put a crimp in my research time, I'm rather looking forward to putting in some classroom hours again. Wouldn't want to get rusty.

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