Finally (?) Rejecting the "War" on "Terror"


Over the weekend there was an article at Firedoglake that begins with, There is no "War on Terror.". And I thought it did a rather nice job of making the fairly obvious point that said war without end is actually a fraud designed to transform the republic into an elected rotating monarchy.

But after what has apparently been a week of wingnut teeth-knashing and Rethugs coming unglued out in the blogosphere, the big lefty bloggers are now putting up self-congratulatory posts along the lines of:

Digby: [I]t is long past time for people to start the public counter argument, which has the benefit of appealing to common sense. Many Americans are emerging from the relentless hail of propaganda that overtook the nation after the traumatic events of 9/11. Iraq confused people for a while, but that confusion is leaving in its wake a rather startling clarity: the "war" as the government defines it is bullshit.


Jane at FireDogLake: Yes they will scream, yes they will yell, and it will be a straw man bonanza, you can count on it. But it’s time the extreme wingnutty hijacking of this dialog ends, and it’s not going to end until someone is brave enough to introduce the notion that this whole phantasmagorical "war" is largely a crock.

Not to pick nits, but they're congratulating someone for pointing this in mid-2006!? I, like many of my friends and family, were hardly alone in noticing that this is exactly what was likely to happen, a revelation that for us came around 8 PM on September 11, 2001. That, for those who've blocked the day out, would be about when we finished shouting over dinner about the Shrub's T-day we-will-hunt-them-down address to the nation. The left wasn't quiet while this monarchical cabal beat the war drums ever louder and lobotomized our country with Orange Alerts, but it was trivialized and ignored by a slavering media. Maybe they missed the few tens of millions who marched against Open Ended War On Whomever We Damn Well Please back in 2003, too, since by then the meme was well-established that it would be unpatriotic for journalists to actually report about us traitors to the crown.

Hell, remember all that Boy King George stuff way back when he was running that surreal Homer Simpson-vs-Stuffy Professor 2000 Presidential campaign? Yeah, that was us, too. It's not like his monarchical tendancies had ever been particularly well hidden, after all. So while I'm pleased as punch that the big names are coming out and saying it in bold letters, I'd prefer they not act like it's news, or like they got here first. The only thing that's surprised me in six years is just how thoroughly the seeming dimwit managed to succeeded.


I kinda dropped the ball on this project last summer, but I would still really like to create a website with a comprehensive terror-alert system based on a 96-pack of Crayola crayons. Wanna play?

It might be of academic interest, but I've always thought that this is one of the problems with the (narrow) way in which people define intelligence.

That is, a man who admits to having little "intellectual curiousity" as he put it nevertheless manipulates hundreds of millions of people into voting for him and some influential thousands into enacting or bringing about his policies, whether or not they agree with him.

Hmmm... doesn't match *my* definition of "dim-witted." :)

Gemma: That sounded like a cool idea when you described it last summer. I'm in.

Connor: Thus "seeming dimwit." I honestly don't know whether all the verbal gaffes are the result of mediocre language skills or careful orchestration, but I'm convinced they're not because he can't think on his feet. W does strike me as sloppy, perhaps because he's so used to being bailed out, in addition to being uncurious and displaying a near-psychopathic lack of empathy. Nevertheless he is clearly a superlative manipulator, with the various sorts of intelligence that implies.

I confess that I underestimated the man six years ago. Frankly, if you have Bush-scale oil connections, becoming governor of Texas is pretty easy, and before that he really hadn't done much to attract attention. So the depth of his talent came as a surprise to me.

I definitely caught the "seeming." I was referring to the general course of conversations about our president. Frankly, we might be better off if he was merely an idiot.

Testing. I think I've got it fixed.

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