Devilish Updates

No time to really post, I'm afraid, but it's a sign you've gone MIA too long when word comes through the grapevine that your family is concerned that something's happened to you.

Happy Mark of the Beast day. If you haven't already, do something devilish.

On a more sober note, CDC epidemiologists identified the disease that would come to be known as HIV/AIDS 25 years ago yesterday. Boston, New York, and San Francisco newspapers look back and take stock, as does the CDC itself. 22 million dead, 14 million orphans, if you want it by the numbers. Unfortunately, the worst is probably yet to come; while AIDS has become a manageable condition in the first world, it's shaping up to be the 21st century's Black Death in Africa and Asia, and one of the great factors that will separate global haves from have-nots.

So like I said, happy Mark of the Beast Day.

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