Banded Jupiter

Yesterday I took a field trip with one of my roommates to Wisconsin. Now my living room table is piled high with "party favors" for Clay's July 4th party. Below, another photo from my Thursday night observing with my students.

In other news: dude, the Blue Man Group is touring again! The set of musical acts I'd cross state lines to see is exceedingly small, but if they don't announce a Twin Cities date soon I'll start planning a fall field trip to Milwaukee. With a billing like The How To Be A Megastar Tour 2.0 I'm gathering they plan to continue the theme of deconstructing the arena rock concert form.

Lightly enhanced 1/19 second exposure taken through the 10-inch refractor. Jupiter is at center, obviously. If you squint you can just make out the Great Red Spot just high of center. At lower left is Ganymede (I initially mis-identified this as Io, but Io had just gone into eclipse at lower right and I forgot which way the image flips due to the corner prism), and in the top left corner is field star Tycho 5575-473-1. 2006:06:29 23:04:48

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