Remaining in Motion

Yeesh, it's been almost two weeks since I've posted here. Haven't done that since I don't know when.

Basically it's been my two week window between finishing teaching and leaving for a bit of vacation time. This does not add up to a great deal of time in which to get stuff done. Mostly I've been futzing with computers in preparation for getting interesting things done later. With occasional breaks for being horrified by the world burning outside.

Sadly, I have little of interest to say about any of this. (Not even about Kinky Friedman and the Weirdest Governor's Race Ever, although my whole family's been rooting for him for months -- I should try to come back with some bumper stickers or the like.) That is a sure sign that I need a change of scenery. I leave Saturday morning, and may or may not post here during the two weeks that follow. My attempts to photoblog my life in real time never pan out, mostly because I'm too picky about processing the photos I post, but I should have nice photos from the Tetons when I get back.

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