To Borg or Not to Borg?


Okay, I need some reader input. I'm watching this auction and I've gotta say, I'm seriously tempted. I always get a kick out of repurposing quirky obsolete technology, and the Borg aspect is just icing on the cake here. But seriously -- lacking an answer to this question helped get Xybernaut into financial trouble -- what do you use it for? Ideas?

This page has the only good photos I've been able to find of someone wearing the thing. Just so we're clear: this is Locutus of Dork gear, at best.


I say skip it. It looks like exactly the sort of fun toy that ends up in the back of a closet after six weeks.

You're probably right; I'm really much more interested in unconventional input technologies than outputs, anyway. Also, most of the really interesting applications I can think of require more processing power than this thing has available. Or at least the existence of actually good voice recognition technology.

Bit of a high price for something so silly. More of a Halloween joke than anything else...

Don't do it!

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