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The busy bit continues; I should have things nearly under control again; I shall resume regular posting when I resume; I have not abandoned EGAD.

That out of the way, miscellaneous updates. It looks like I'll actually be in New York twice this season -- once in a couple of weeks to visit folks, and then again in mid-December when our collaboration meeting is hosted by Columbia.

We still have one room to fill in my house; my Craigslist posting got called "inspiring" and otherwise praised, but despite showing the place to a half-dozen or so prospectives the deal remains unclosed. Krys will probably declare that I need to attract a scarier crowd.

Tomorrow is 9/11 5.0, informally known as the start of the Republican Campaign Season Against Treasonous Non-Republicans. Your local ABC affiliate probably aired the fraudulent 9/11 docudrama tonight, and will air part 2 tomorrow. Call them to complain, and promise to call their advertisers. Then do so. ABC/Disney deserves to feel pain over this one.

Finally, between lightning strikes, tropical storms, and balky sensors, Atlantis has had a time of it getting off the ground. So, props to NASA engineers, even if the balance of the people reading this are of the opinion that if the shuttle program can't service Hubble then the whole thing's a waste of resources.


There's a catch-22 here Milligan. If I'm not going to waste my time watching this tripe then how do I know who bought comercial time?

No catch. Just watch any old block of prime time, note the big (especially local) advertisers, and go after them *all*. Our beef is with a station that would sink to airing it.

(Anyway, ABC neatly sidestepped the issue of pressuring the show's sponsors by running it without commercials.)

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