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Yes, I'm still here, but the semester still hasn't let up enough to allow a return to regular posting. Although to be fully candid, this also reflects as a symptom of an underlying condition: namely, for some time now I've been a bit unsure as to the proper nature and purpose of EGAD. Originally conceived as a travel blog with ananthropological tendencies, it has functioned as something of a weekly-ish "away message" during this relatively settled year. Certainly I pondered relaunching as a more locally-oriented medium, perhaps as a photoblog or light journalism, but I must confess that inertia got the better of these musings. There's a good chance that we'll go back to the travel blog format next year, anyway, as the lead-up to my experiment's engineering test flight will likely involve a greater degree of peregrination.

Updates: my workstation persists in its lifeless state, but only because I've been busy. I successfully extracted essentially everything of importance from the drive, so I just need to find a spare day to rebuild the filesystems.

About a week after I got over my cold imported from New York, some similar ailment is starting to make the rounds here. Hopefully it's the same thing, since then I should have immunity to it now.

Speaking of cold, it's on its way. Seems a mite early, but it's been a cool autumn so far: forcast 50% chance of snow showers on Wednesday and Thursday.


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I can't wait for the snow to hit. I've got my fingers crossed for a blizzard this year! Chicago deserves it, since the weather god cursed us with unbearable heat for most of the summer.

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