96 Hours

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As of Friday evening, there were 96 hours remaining until the polls close on Tuesday. This is endgame, folks, when the ground operations swing into high gear to get voters to the booth, and the legal teams suit up to make sure Republican tricks don't force them away. The final round of surveys is winding up, and the Senate's going to be an absolute squeaker -- but we have the chance to build a Democratic majority in the House that will set back the conservative machine by a generation. But now the time for advocacy is pretty much over, and there's no more infrastructure to build. So this morning I was at the America Votes field office for my first shift of pavement pounding in the 96-hour final push (a bit of local coverage here).

Two three-hour shifts in north Minneapolis, and by my count I knocked on something like 120 doors ... and there were probably a hundred volunteers there today. A well-run GOTV operation, according to conventional wisdom, can tilt a midterm election by 1-2 percentage points. There's lots of races out there that'll be decided by less than that. I've got two more shifts tomorrow. What are you doing in the next 72 hours?

P.S. Anyone remember how David Horowitz finally went over the edge into tin-foil-hattery and discovered The Network? I have to say that the entry on America Votes somehow manages to be both reasonably informative and pure comedy gold.

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