48 Hours

America chooses change.
Can't wait for Wednesday!

Okay, so now there are slightly less than 48 hours until the polls close.

This morning it was announced that we knocked on just over 20,000 doors yesterday, according to our tally sheets. And that's just the Minneapolis operation -- America Votes pulled off about as many in St. Paul and Duluth on Saturday as well. (One of my roommates, meanwhile, has been in South Dakota all weekend door-knocking to repeal the Coathanger Act ... er, unconstitutional abortion ban.) By the end of the first shift today we had crossed off the entirety of north and northeast Minneapolis.

For the second shift we were joined by Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak and America Votes president Maggie Fox. The former took a shift of pavement pounding with us, although I didn't catch which ward he chose. Between shifts I added the above to a haiku board hanging on one wall of the makeshift America Votes assembly area, then I hit a couple of neighborhoods in south Minneapolis. Monday I'll be in the lab, then it's out again on Tuesday to prod people off to the polls.

It's not to late to help out. (Minneapolis: Monday night and Tuesday. Everywhere else.)

[Update: Election Day] -- Well, we did all we could. By Sunday evening we knocked on over 105,000 doors in Minnesota. I don't know how many more on Monday and today. Now we wait and see.

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