Tentative: Sweep?


Okay, so it's been a long run of losses, many so close we could taste them. So tonight is a sweet, sweet thing.

Because Good God, Sweet Creeping Zombie Jesus, and By the Noodly Appendage -- I think we did it!

I'm looking at the numbers now, and it's pretty much a cinch that when the new Democratic majority is seated in the House come January, we're going to have a larger majority than the Republicans have now. Plus we're totally dominating the governors' races -- although I will personally strangle Peter Hutchinson if he puts Pawlenty back in the state house, as it looks like he might have.

More speculatively, even money says we take the Senate by one, although what with the Virginia recount it'll be weeks before we know for sure. But I'll come out and say it: I think we took the Senate.



I hope to God that Pawlenty loses. I was hoping to wake up and find out that Minnesota went completely blue (as it is everywhere but the governor so far).

This is indeed a sweet thing.

Unfortunately we didn't manage a complete blue sweep -- we still lost Congressional districts 2, 3, and 6. The first two were never really competitive, but there's a lot of DFLers disappointed about Patty Wetterling this morning.

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