Sweep. Yes, Most Definitely.


We. Win. The AP is calling Montana, and it's not clear they'll even bother with recounts either there or in Virginia.

Newt's "Republican Revolution" took place in 1994, and even though the good guys have been slowly crawling back to parity ever since, this is really the first time since 1992 that it's felt like winning. First time in my active political life. And it is ... delicious.

There's a lot of work to do. The "Republican Revolution" is dead, but notice that they guy about to replace Rumsfield is an Iran/Contra old hand. Movement conservatives are basically political zombies, and it's time to finish them off. But also, stop for just a second and savor the moment.

It's a new day. A beautiful day.


First the Tigers go from a decade-long losing streak to the world-series.

But then they lose. :(

But *then* the Dems retake the White House and Congress, another 6 gubernatorial seats, and state legislatures rights and left. :)

As if that weren't enough, RUMSFELD resigns! =)

I think God wants me do die of ecstasy.

This may end up being the Best Year Ever.
Or even better, the beginning of the beginning...

That's my hope too, Connor. My hope is that from here, we'll have a launchpad for important things—for people genuinely listening to Al Gore, for the slow, challenging return of civil liberties, for weaning of oil dependency and sustainable development. Who knows, at this rate there may actually be fish in fifty years. :>)

John Stewart last night: "Democrats tonight feeling something that they haven't felt in quite some time ... I believe the emotion is, I don't know if I'll be able to pronounce this, but let me try ... hope."

Feels good, too.

Did you see the Colbert Report on Election Night, and the hilarious liberal morass he predicted this nation would become?

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