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It has been pointed out to me that when I post YouTube videos, they don't show up in the LiveJournal feed version of this blog. So LJ users: sometimes you just have to click through. In fact, it looks like none of the images or formatting really go through, so I'd bet this whole blog makes a lot less sense if you just read it on your friends-list page.

The past week I've been running nonstop like it's Scavhunt, so that's about it for today. But we've been having an interesting discussion on the implications of the election over at Connor's place if you're up for more.

Otherwise, I leave you with a photo.

Jack'o'lanterns are inherently ephemeral things. I ran across these in north Minneapolis while GOTV doorknocking, and so much care went into them that I just had to make a record. 2006:11:04 15:26:49

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Yeah, I noticed that a while back when you seemed to jump randomly from topic to topic without any rhyme or reason on the LiveJournal feed. I popped over to this page and saw all the fancy "paragraphs" and "captions," then cursed the gods.

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