It's in the air, new and intoxicating. It's even in my comments: said Gemma, "Who knows, at this rate there may actually be fish in fifty years." There's a sense that we may finally be at the beginning of the end of a dark chapter in American history, or better. Connor: "This may end up being the Best Year Ever. Or even better, the beginning of the beginning..."

I've been wanting to share this article in which Chris Bowers attempts to define the progressive movement as fundamentally cultural, the political reflection of an emerging ethos of creativity and re-invention. It's a hopeful vision, even if he glosses over a number of important issues and caveats, and I'd be interested in hearing your take.

An anonymous commenter announces that Overheard at UChicago is open for business again, and looking for submissions. This started out as a Scavhunt item, but has the potential to be delightful in its own right.

Finally, my latest experiment in image-processing has turned cinematic. I took a bunch of rapid-fire pictures of that odd little snowstorm back in early October, and was looking for a good way to encode the motion of the flakes to help them stand out. And wound up making a movie of them. So I figured I'd just stick it on YouTube and share it with you folks. Enjoy:

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