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Flying into the city at night this is how I can spot my neighborhood. The bright neon signs of the Gold Medal and Pilsbury flourmills face each other across the river three blocks from my house. 2006:11:08 22:21:51

Whew, busy week, but I think things are about back to normal after the election push and the catching up therefrom. Didn't quite keep all my balls in the air and completely flaked on a couple of things (sorry Gemma), but all in all we're in good shape.

My atmospheric turbulence video was more popular on YouTube than I would have thought, and has been viewed several hundred times now. Who knows, maybe there's some huge pent-up demand for 80s-filmstrip-quality instructional videos. I've got plenty more image sets like that, but since I animated the thing frame by frame I doubt it'll be a regular feature unless I suddenly acquire a lot more free time.

Billmon does the best job I've seen yet of summarizing the past couple of weeks:

A Bush in the White House, the Democrats in control of the House and Senate, Jimmy Baker, Robert Gates and now Larry Eagleburger making U.S. foreign policy, the neocons in retreat and the Sandinistas back in power in Nicaragua. I feel like I stepped into a political time warp and came out in 1989.

If that doesn't freak you out enough, here's a horror story from Pam at Pandagon. Morale of the story: watch out for fundies. On a brighter note, Ezra thinks a Democratic Congress might well get us universal health care after all, kind of despite itself.

Finally, today's picture. Sure, you may have a picture in your head of driving white and snow-blindness, but Minnesota in the winter isn't like that. Between the end of daylight savings and the already early sunset, it can happen that one's primary experience of this city is in darkness, and it's designed to be well-lit in compensation. So as we drive further into winter, expect more photos of luminous landmarks.

(I have recently come into possession of an actual tripod, so I will only get more obnoxious with this long-exposure work. I cannot control that.)

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