| 1 Comment | 1 TrackBack a tricky month. In general I'm quite fond of it. Seasonwise I love that late autumn/early winter transition, although in these northern parts that's really more of a November thing. Harvest is over; here we are on 1 December and it's not forecast to get above freezing this week. Feels like winter's already here. Nevertheless December has much the same feel to it, fluctuating as the month begins between autumn and winter, and diving at the end into the crazy icebox of January.

Then there's all that home, hearth, and holiday hoopla, which I'm kind of a sucker for as well. When else are you gonna get the chance to belt out wassailing songs at the top of your lungs (or get to wash it down with egg nog)? But of course there's that flip-side, that it's kind of a creepy zombie season that pretty insistently tells you what to be like. The good cheer I can be down with, although I understand from suicide statistics that it's pretty rough if you're already depressed, but the retail impulse is full stop loco.

But in terms of the day-to-day, December is mostly about the end of the year. The end of the semester for both myself and my students, which has been keeping me pretty occupied as they get ready to turn in their final projects. Preparing results for my collaboration's end-of-year meeting. Tying up loose ends before the world -- or at least a fair chunk of it -- throws a party.

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yes, right now is a hard time if you are depressed.....

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