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Urban Winter '06-'07: Frost Like Stars
Frost dotting my window gleams against a deep blue sky and the neighbor's eaves during a bitter cold spell in February.

A little while back I started writing the following but thought better of it:

Only Coleman and Snowe are sufficiently scared of their 2008 reelection campaigns to break away from the GOP on blocking debate on the nonbinding anti-"surge" resolution. To Coleman: come on in, the progressive water's fine. You're not actually all that bad of a fellow; switch parties and we won't hurt you. Toe the GOP line and we'll cream you in '08, though.

Except of course that Coleman actually is kind of an ass at times, and is certainly no liberal at heart. I don't know who will replace him in 2008, but Al Franken is going to make sure that we have fun doing it.

Speaking of behaving like a horse's posterior, why is it that Conservative attempts at humor are always either unspeakably lame or Ann Coulter.

So, who remembers the Table Grape Boycott? While it officially ended in 1970 plenty of liberals still refused to buy grapes (at least from non-unionized farms) well into the '80s -- my family included. I think Colorado is trying to top the heinous behavoir previously displayed by the grape farmers. I think it would be entirely reasonable to call for a general boycott of any and all produce harvested by chain-gang.

Patent neglect at Walter Reed? Problem solved! It's the usual solution: punish the whistleblowers, ban the media, clap really loudly.

Finally, the article that's been making waves for the past couple of weeks now: Seymour Hersh on the Bush-Cheney Sunni-Shiite flip-flop. It's long, but worth a skim as it devastatingly lays bare the total lack of comprehension with which we're approaching the Middle East, and how the Administration's idea of covering it up is to provoke a war with Iran.


You've been reading prolifically lately. (Sorry for all the commentlets... I don't have much to say that I can't say in a sentence.)

This was actually an about average reading week for me. What's been lacking is time and drive to sit down and write things down, which I'm endeavoring to correct.

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