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Okay, so I should probably have gone off blog-vacation with something in the pipeline, 'cause it's taken a few days to get up to speed. Now I've got a bunch of posts in the draft pile, so we'll get this boat moving yet.

In the meanwhile, just because it made the whole lab laugh, I'd like to pass along a graphic that got emailed around yesterday. Proximate source is the mom of one of my labmates, but this kind of thing has a way of circulating, so no telling how long it's been going. Some quick Googling shows the quote is real, originating in an interview on New York Public Television. (This is important these days, because you never know when, in passing along a random tidbit, you're actually reinforcing some wholly false rightwing soundbite. Which sounds exactly as Orwellian as it is. Good recent case in point.)



1 Comment

wow, that's a good one!

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