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Flipping around on the teevee last night I ran across a documentary on scientific ballooning: Space Balloons: 120,000 Feet Above Earth. Which was interesting because the mission they spent the most footage on was BLAST, which is in a sense EBEX's sister experiment. So if you happen to catch a rerun of this you can get a good idea of what EBEX is going to look like. (If I get a chance I'll post a clip or two on YouTube, too.)

Now I'm listening to Speaking of Faith on NPR. The major point I've taken from today's program (and I probably already knew this) is that J.R.R. Tolkien, in his later years, sounded exactly like you'd expect Bilbo Baggins to sound. At least when reading elvish poetry, anyway. (The program is on modern paganism.)

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Speaking of Faith is a pretty good show. I listen to it on podcast when I can.

Can't you just see an entire line of kids toys? SPACE BALLOONS! ...ok, maybe not.

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