Weather Whiplash

Wednesday was right out of April -- in fact, mid-40s and wind whipping is what I expect of Easter, not Ash Wednesday. Today was a pleasant, upper-20s March day. This weekend will be textbook February, chilly with a foot or more of snow predicted.

Interesting article in MyDD on McCain's tanking hopes: Now McCain and Theocons Are Both Crashing. My take is that Giuliani probably can't win in the general, although it's worth worrying about. Should Clinton take the Democratic nominatin, it would be hillarious to watch the wingnuts freak out at a general election guaranteed to result in a New Yorker for President.

Northrop's architectural condom didn't survive last night's wind storm. As always, I found myself riding into a still headwind on my way home. Why can't these fronts ever come with easterly winds?

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