Definite Snow

Urban Winter '06-'07: Reflection
Despite our cold snap in late January, the river never did freeze over this winter. The (new) Guthrie and (old) Gold Medal mill are easy to pick out along the riverfront.

So it's not all that often the weather forecasters get to whip out their "Definite snow" icon, but there it is, with the probability of snow pegging at 100% in a few hours.

Looks like there's a nice cold system moving in from the west that's about to colllide with a river of humid Gulf air filling the Mississippi watershed, and the entire Central timezone is about to be deluged. Since that includes most of the people who read this blog, you all be careful out there this weekend. It's gonna get messy.


Actually, the river did freeze over briefly underneath the Washington bridge.

And up north here, it's been solid for a while. But it's shallower up here, so that's not surprising.

Good to know that there are still a few things that can be relied on. I never saw any significant ice here in the vicinity of the falls, though, which was pretty odd.

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