Digging Out

Well, the snow came, saw, and conquered. Not so much a blizzard, for the most part, as the sky freezing, falling, and gingerly layering itself all over everything. Which nevertheless is my excuse for not posting over the weekend -- although given that it was the kind of weekend where it's not just unpleasant, but downright impractical to attempt going anywhere, I suppose you'd expect more blogging instead of less. Funny how these things work out. Got in a lot of shovelling, though, which I find thoroughly cathartic. Probably because I can count on two or three hands the number of times I've actually had to shovel out a walk, it's never yet struck me as a chore.

Urban Winter '06-'07: Snow Angels
Shortly after our last round of snowfall a couple of weeks back, these snow angels (or snow-figures-in-floppy-clothing, if you prefer) showed up across the walk from my lab.

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