Eclipse Update

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The lunar eclipse of 3 March 2006 rises above a snowy urban landscape.

Last night's sky was crystal clear, so the lunar eclipse was readily visible. I didn't take the trouble to find a large open or elevated space, however, to totality had just ended when it rose high enough to be readily visible above the rooftops. It's a devilish challenge to photograph both a moonlit landscape and simultaneously capture any detail of the Moon itself. Here, I present my best effort from last night; to do any better I'd probably have to edit together multiple exposures. After all, the illuminated portion of the Moon there is probably thousands of times brighter than the dim light scattering off those houses.

All in all, our eyes are a pretty neat optical system, able as they are to deal with such huge contrast ratios.

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I caught it completely by accident. I was out having coffee with a friend when the cashier ran outside. Then a few minutes later, a customer came in, looked annoyed for a few minutes, then left. We wandered out to see what had happened to the cashier, and she was standing right there, watching the eclipse. We had a great view. I thought it was only going to be visible further west, but the view was quite striking in Brooklyn. A lot like your photo, in fact.

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