Time Change Weekend

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So it looks like this week I sort of fell off the daily-posting wagon. Five out of seven days ain't bad, but let's shoot for a 7-day-a-week operation here next week. Especially since it's Spring Break, and I thus can't claim distraction by students as an excuse.

Daylight savings time kicks in a few hours from now, three weeks ahead of schedule. The news reports have been crawling with this "mini-Y2K" stuff all week, because some computers (read: poorly maintained Windows machines) haven't been informed of the 2005 act of Congress mandating the change. I don't anticipate difficulty, but just for kicks, the University has a special site set up that will test your computer for temporal compatibility.

If you were curious, no, it probably won't save appreciable energy. Swing and a miss.

1 Comment

How many more years until we can obliterate this time change nonsense?

I want universal time, too, dagnabbit! Non of this time zone jive.

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