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Bought a new camera today, on which more later. Having spent all evening squinting at the microscopic type in the manual and fiddling with buttons on the thing, my eyes hurt. Thus the brief post.

Most interesting thing I read this weekend, the future belongs to the uninhibited. Which sounds about right, so far as it goes: New York Magazine digests the anthropology of a hyper-networked generation.

Me, I think Pipes has the potential to be the coolest thing you've ever seen, except that for the most part this is exactly the sort of technology the end user is never meant to see. Nevertheless I may, in fact, break down and create a Yahoo account. But bear in mind that this is coming from a fellow who, while pretty savvy about such things, only just figured out how to send email from his cell phone.


I feel antediluvian.

So another friend of mine had exactly the opposite reaction, writing "If the future belongs to the uninhibited, I might as well be royalty ^^" (in a friends-only LJ post, so quoted anonymously). To which I replied,

I would imagine we experienced it in somewhat distinct fashions. You're firmly a part of the generation being anthropologized (a bit on the high end of the age bracket, but also an early adopter). Me, I'm more borderline, part of the phenomenon more by virtue of being a technologist than an active user.

Which is to say, I don't feel antediluvian -- antebellum, at worst -- but I'm sure the folks in question regard me as positively geologic.

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