On my Present Disposition

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For those who were wondering where I've vanished off to, a summary in maddeningly generic form:

On the research front, it's not only proposal season, but it's the supercharged end-of-multi-year-funding-cycle proposal season. The process of asking for money does rather consume a bit of otherwise useful time. I do, however, need to maintain various previously scheduled activities here.

On other fronts, I've been engrossed in more dead-tree reading than usual, which doesn't lend itself to blogging as efficiently as online articles: presently some recent Persian history that the library needs back soon, and rereading The Diamond Age, since it informs another tangent I've sprinted off on lately. Also this month, I've been making preparations to release the code for a software project I've been developing for half a decade now, which has mandated some upgrades to make years worth of revision history useable by outsiders. I also need to write an installer.

So my present constraints are such that my shiny new camera remains largely unused on a shelf for want of an appropriate camera bag, and my bicycle has been parked downstairs with a flat tire for a week for want of time to purchase and install a new tube. But that's just the inconveniences you sometimes live with, no? In an effort to keep you folks up-to-date, let's assume a couple-posts-per-week schedule for now while things percolate.

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Ooooh, I've been meaning to reread Diamond Age. Except, you know, I have no time and the library branch near me is closed. Excuses, excuses.

I also heard some nonsense about SciFi making it into a miniseries and George Clooney being involved. So add that to the list of things I did not want to know.

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