Amnesia and Earthshine

Closer ...
Closer ...
Not bad for digital camera work. The top two images are from my new Canon S2, and it's lovely how much better the color reproduction is with the longer shutter times that the image stabilizer allows. Bottom image from my A610, since the S2's barrel is too large to fit my binoculars.

Spent a delightful weekend in Chicago catching up with good friends both old and not. Left newly envious of Chicago's cyclists, as I am reminded of how wide, well-paved, and extremely flat the place's roads are. Here one must constantly climb in and out of the Mississippi river bottoms to get anywhere, and if that does not exactly make us another Bay Area it nevertheless makes long rides harder than they might otherwise be.

Which I would be just fine with if Minneapolis actually had enough topography not to look perfectly flat.

It's been a while since I did any astrophotography, and I figured it was time to test the low-light capabilities of my shiny new Canon S2, so here is a series of photos that I took about 36 hours after the last new moon. My students, on the other hand, complain that they can't find the Moon anywhere as much as four or five days to either side of new.

Since the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind seems to provoke extreme and highly polarized reactions in various of my readers, here's a fun finding that I ran across recently:
how to erase a single memory (from a rat's mind). Highly unsafe, I'm certain, but how long can it possibly be until some adventureous type tries this on themselves? Just don't say your name.

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