I had entirely forgotten that Bread and Puppet is in town, and it was only by happenstance that while strolling down University Ave yesterday afternoon I spotted the big blue schoolbus that passes for the Bread and Puppet tourbus. When I first saw it approaching I must have thought something along the lines of, why is there a truck covered in bicycles?

So I will clearly have to check out the Everything is Fine Circus tomorrow, which I feel will be a most appropriate use of an Easter afternoon. Even if it will be a freakishly arctic cold April day. I blame global warming! (At least it won't be snowing -- what was up with that?)

Michael Bérubé has penned an only mildly parodic scenario that perfectly captures the nonsense that is Bill Donohue, Catholic League wingnut extraordinaire. Imagine for a moment: the Cadbury Creme Christ!

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