Bomb? Sigh.


So half of campus is shut down because some fool issued a bomb threat. Handily, my building is not slated for evacuation, so I can sit here and blog about it, although the helicopters are noisy and our windows face out onto the distracting excitement. I would imagine this is correlated either to events in Virginia or to a Special Olympics tent that materialized on the Mall overnight. Or, possibly, because it's a nice day and someone wanted to get out of class.

(As an aside, may I say that the bomb threat hoax is so played out. You want to cause a delightful ruckus, call in a radioactive llama threat and see what happens. Go on, try it. I'll wait.)

Our Israeli grad student, meanwhile, is a bit horrified that we all immediately assume it's a hoax, but given that these things always are (in the United States, anyway), I think it's a fair assumption.


Your Isreali student probably can't understand why you are all able to so casually take the bus to work either.

That's a bit different -- he realizes, of course, that we don't have a Gaza right next door to supply the steady stream of bombers it takes to make something like public transportation noticeably risky. What struck him as odd was the fact that even though a threat had actually been recognized, with closed buildings and bomb squads and the works, we were all sitting here operating on the assumption that there is no bomb, and that the actions taken in response were all a hillarious yet annoying overreaction.

It's our cynicism that surprised him, in short.

Yes, yes, yes. Just tell him that thanks to the state of public education in this country that all the nutcases in America are dumb as boards and hence pretty much harmless.

Yeah, good thing we've occupied a country that's not right next door to us.

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