Another Uncompromising Quote-Post

I made the point a few posts back that you simply cannot compromise with anti-choicers, or wingnut conservatives in general. As usual, Digby makes the point much more thoroughly.

...And this is why it is a terrible idea to try to make common cause with these people. They are liars and they are slightly insane. The dangers of smoking are scientifically valid. The dangers of "post-abortion syndrome" are not. When Democratic politicians like Hillary Clinton call abortion a tragedy in order to make common cause with these people they are bringing the day closer when women will be crawling out of back alleys gushing blood again --- a process that truly does cause terrible trauma. The real kind.

You cannot allow anti-intellectual nonsense to dictate public policy, whether its anti-semitic drivel about evolution or made up statistics about "post-abortion syndrome." The very fact that they are lying and cheating and "strategizing" their allegedly moral appeal against the right to abortion should be clue enough that they do not have faith that they can convince people with an honest argument. I find this time and time again with the anti-choice crowd --- a disingenuousness that borders on psychopathy.

Please, read the whole thing.

On which topic, the most interesting thing I read this weekend was this article, from 2000 but still keenly relevant, on the anti-choice women who have abortions. The take-away message: "The only moral abortion is my abortion."

P.S. This is apparently my 500th post. But not really, because that counts the dozen or so unfinished thoughts sitting in the drafts queue.

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