So, I'm back from Scavhunt '07. Busy and exhausted, so stories later. Much awesome was made, and my Vagrant Sun Gods took third place (four years running).

I didn't take any pictures, I think. But that's okay, because these things are extensively documented in the digital era. YouTube and Flickr and the like will be full of Scav by week's end.

Finally, a passage from the book I was reading on the bus to Minnesota last night:

Everybody was making desultory conversation as they went about their jobs, and the morning had something of the flavor that I imagine a barn raising or a November session of corn shucking once had: People who ordinarily work alone having a chance to visit with one another while getting something useful done. Much of the work was messy and unpleasant, but it did allow for conversation, and you weren't going to be at it long enough to get bored or sore. And by the end of the morning you had something to show for it -- and a great deal more than you would have had had you been working alone.

This is actually Michael Pollan, from The Omnivore's Dilemma, writing about slaughtering chickens, but could just as well be about my Scavhunt team. We first and foremost have fun, after all.

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