Waay Down South

McMurdo aerial view
An aerial view of McMurdo station taken by the NYANG.

Enjoy cold, the outdoors, and the prospect of working in the weirdest town on the planet? Just in case you're ever interested, this is where you'd go to apply for a job as support staff at McMurdo station in on Ross Island, Antarctica. Apparently "Craftspeople such as carpenters, electricians, mechanics" are in highest demand.

Last night I had a few beers with a collaborator who's been on four or five Antarctic ballooning campaigns, and he happened to mention that the drivers, cooks, mechanics, and other support staff make up the bulk of McMurdo's population. Which makes sense if you think about it. Lousy pay, but good benefits, free food and lodging, and nothing much to spend your money on anyway -- all US citizens are eligible to apply.


I posted on this a while back. I'd like to go to Antarctica. I know about Raytheon, though I'm not sure I could get a sabbatical approved for being a cook or a driver. Might try though!

Yes, but would they accept an oddball writer and nurse? I've been wanting to get to McMurdo for years...

I don't know about the demand for oddball writers, but I found this article on working in health care in Antarctica:


Although this post at Frontierwatch suggests they might be in the market for someone with experience in medical records handling.


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