Geometry and Light

In the dream about the stairs in the attic, a dozen floors existed within the eaves of a peaked roof, and when I had reached the very top I stumbled through a hidden door into a ground-floor closet. The geometry of the Labyrinth does not generally abide by the Euclidean measures of the waking world, in either time or space. While sometimes it is the impossibly corrugated space packed into a warren of walls, at others a vast expanse is revealed in a glance by a particular quality of light, then like the woman in the window evaporates when you recognize the component parts.

I suspect that is why Alice's first finds underground were, conveniently enough, drugs that strip the senses of all sense of scale.

Entrances to the Labyrinth I - Geometry and Light
Entrances to the Labyrinth I: The Mills
Geometry and Light

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