Most of my high-level programming is done in Perl -- there are many reasons for this, but one is that it lends itself so well to flights of whimsy. For example, yesterday I was exceedingly delighted to find that this actually works:

use Quantum::Entanglement;

$gas = entangle(1, 'bottled', 1, 'released');
# gas now in states |bottled> + |released>

$cat_health = p_op($gas, 'eq', 'released',
sub {'Dead'},
sub {'Alive'});
# cat,gas now in states |Alive, bottled> + |Dead, released>

Speaking of cats, over at Dynamics of Cats we have ongoing summaries of a workshop on exotic solar systems, including tantalizing hints of possible terrestrial planet(s) next door at Proxima Centauri. Solar sail probe, anyone?

Okay, I'll go to bed now.

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