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Life with the CSA has been an adventure so far -- you don't realize the degree to which laziness nudges variety out of your diet until you're confronted with eating from a box full of whatever happens to be ripe this week. I've rediscovered radishes, found that fresh beets are better than I'd remembered, realized that almost any sort of leaf you can think of can made edible by stir-frying. Supposedly you can make a fritter from a kohlrabi, which I imagine will be almost but not entirely unlike a potato pancake.

If you're in Minnesota and weren't at the July 4th party I was at, you missed out. On my enormous box of combustibles, that is. (The comestibles were also top-notch, thanks to our hosts Clay and Ruby.) Later on I joined friends at the Soap Factory's third July 4th ten second film festival. Two of our films made the cut; neither of them won anything, although the audience generally thought we were robbed of the comedy award. Eventually the production will probably be posted at the festival website.

Our videos are credited to schwa. You should keep an eye out for it.

I'm experimenting with the hugin panorama stitching suite, and I've gotten some pretty sweet results so far. Here's one below:

A squall line blows in from over the river at sunset. Click to enlarge the panorama, but be warned that it is gigantic.


oh neat... i may have to try that software on some of our pics from france and italy!

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