Speaking of Criminal Robots...

Due to a particularly insistent spam-bot attack, for the time being I have set comments to moderated. This means that your posts won't show up until I swing by to mark them as not-spam. I find this a bit discouraging, as I value your feedback and worry that you folks will be less inclined to leave comments, but I'm happy to be proven wrong.

There may be a delay in comments showing up over the weekend, as I'll be out bringing astronomy to the teeming-ish masses of western Minnesota. Universe in the Park will be hitting Camden on Friday evening, and Lake Shetek on Saturday. Looks likely that the weather will hold through the weekend, so two nights of clear dark skies are a good possibility.

On the vegetable front, the kohlrabi fritters did in fact resemble a somewhat juicy, broccoli-flavored potato pancake. Also, pesto is basically the salad equivalent of a neutron star. My blender was making funny noises by the end of the process, but I converted an entire crisper (and then some) worth of assorted greens into three jars of pestos this week. I've resigned myself to the fact that my roommates do not eat nearly enough vegetables to finish off a CSA bushel box in a week, so my cooking of late has been all about the preservables.

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