Spent the weekend camping out in southwest Minnesota with telescopes, a borrowed and rather quirky car, and a somewhat incompetent (very much a theorist) presenting partner, bringing astronomy to the masses. Fun was had, on average. For some reason, passing all those Dairy Queens left me craving sweet frozen things, so one of the first things I did after unpacking was to make one.

Then I used the borrowed car to pick up my newly acquired arc welder. Which will be teh awesome.

The political blogs (and similar) have been generating some interesting imagery of late, mostly as a by-product of churning out high-grade snark. Examples:

Ezra wrote:

magine, for instance, that you came across a mime on a unicycle. Would you assume that this mime was inexplicably wedded to an ineffective form of transportation? Or that he thought looking hilarious on a unicycle would be good for his career as a mime?

Same with Kristol. You'd have to be a fool to look at the hornet's nest we've stirred up in the Middle East, the endless ground war we've entered in Iraq, [etc] and conclude, as Kristol does, that "[a]s for foreign policy in general, it has mostly been the usual mixed bag." Mixed bag of what? Nails and explosives?

Sam Boyd paints a lovely picture of my alma matter:

To start with, the idea of using the University of Chicago as a typical college experience is something like judging the experience of the average car owner by interviewing a guy in rural Idaho who drives a biodiesel-fueled Yugo -- he has his reasons and his choice is admirable, but it's also hardly typical. The UofC is a great place and I'm glad I don't go somewhere else, but it is a very odd place. We print t-shirts that say "where fun comes to die" and "hell does freeze over," and people who choose to go there are almost all very academically-focused and interested in ideas.

Michael Berube pens a hillarious meditation on third-party politics that includes the paragraph:

Of course, we don’t want to give Republicans too much credit for electoral smarts, especially since their current slate of candidates consists of the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Dormouse, some other lunatics, and Mister Excitement himself, James Gilmore. I’m just suggesting that the GOP neither demonized nor courted the Reform Party; it simply let Perot and the Perotistas disappear over the horizon and/or return peacefully to Zzyzzych 7.

And finally, I would be remiss if I failed to cite the newly-discovered Cheney Superposition (via Dean):

Quantum Cheney Superposition

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