And Back Again

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So here I find myself back from a glorious week in the vastness of west Texas, chasing rocks and books and ghosts to the edge of nowhere. The changing winds of autumn feel like growing older, they make my favorite season a good time for introspection, and here you can already feel them at dusk after the sun sets on a 90-degree day. But out there it's still spring in the desert, and the sage is in bloom.

On the way I finally got around to reading that thing that's so captivated everyone of late, the final novel of Harry Potter. Finished it tonight as the streetlights were coming on. I'm a fan but hardly an obsessive one, yet it's been fascinating to discover in the space of a few days reading the answers to a great many questions that have in some cases lingered in the back of the brain for the better part of a decade. Not only how will it all end? but the assorted pivotal mysteries of allegances, motivations, and origins.

Even if I will not be noticeably less busy in the foreseeable future than I have been this summer, those wisps of autumn blowing in my window suggest that this is an acceptable time to return from the de facto summer vacation that this blog has been taking. It's just one of a number of things calling for some attention. Here's another: I have two open rooms in my house for the fall. If anyone you know needs a moderately small room for an extremely small price in a comfortably batty house at the heart of Minneapolis, by all means point them my way.

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Milligan, I think the roll of road house mother suits you.

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