Davis Mountains

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Most of last week was spent roughly within the frame of this panorama. To the left, the white building is the Lodge at the Davis Mountains State Park. If you look closely at the mountaintops on the right, you probably can't make out the domes of the McDonald Observatory on Mount Locke and Mount Fowlkes. Clicking on the image below will get you a larger version in which they're easier to see. Relevant but not shown are the town of Fort Davis, around the other side of the ridge I'm standing on, and neighboring environs such as Marfa to the south.

I've never seen these mountains so green. This year the monsoon rains of the coastal plain have penetrated deep into the desert, and several afternoons were punctuated by abrupt deluges. The nights, however, reliably cleared to a sparkling black, ideal for stargazing and meteor-hunting. Here it's nightfall that seems to bring on the downpours, and since I'm posting this you can tell the power managed to stay on.

Panorama of the Davis Mountains. Click for gigantic version.

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The Davis mountains do often get green in monsoon season. Anyway, north of Fort Davis they regularly get enough rain to be covered in green. South, down toward Marfa, it is ussually drier and more desolate.

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