A Little Cantor Set in your Soul


Via Jeff Masters, I read that this week a new record was set for least sea ice observed in the Arctic since satellite measurements began. Going by the NOAA polar webcam it has been raining at the North Pole.

At this rate, Russia may someday be a major naval power after all.

If anybody notices, any bets on whether the Bushies try to get polar sea ice data classified?

On a lighter note:

Me: Good thing I'm getting new sandals soon. The topology of my soles has recently changed.

Asad: That would have been much funnier if you'd been talking about your eternal soul.

Me: (...)

Me: The topology of my eternal soul would be hard to describe. It's uncountably holey.

Ba dum dum!



This is Katie (catie_kat), Jessica(planetgal471)'s friend from Maryland, I just stopped by to say "hi".

Well, hi!

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