The Closet

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Not actually written about Craig, but apropos nonetheless: I agree with what TSF says:

The media needs to stop inning celebrities; outing is so twentieth-century. Our outrage needs to be directed at the inning. No more open closets! Closets, and the fictions that maintain them, kill.

It's almost impossible to argue that anything Senator Craig pled guilty on, can reasonably be considered criminal behavior. Applied in a consistent fashion to the heterosexual world, the effect would be to outlaw flirting in public. Craig's predicament is a reminder that not so long ago it was literally illegal to be gay.

That said, I'm disinclined to have much sympathy for him, because he's exactly the kind of politician who has furthered his career by exploiting bigotry against gays (among other groups). Moreover, that behavior has been enabled by a media that knew, but never felt the need to mention, that he was railing against himself. All in all, a bit more self-awareness would do wonders for this country.

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I totally agree. Maybe now he will be willing to fight for equal right? *is not holding breath*

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