Fear and Loathing


"It's a time of terrorism; people are afraid" -- so remember kids, keep soiling your pants on cue, 'cause nothing wins elections for fascists like abject terror. This quote, incidentally, is from an MIT student (so much for their admission standards), defending the arrest of another electronics artist for wearing wires and LEDs at the wrong time.

Seriously, I should make some LED signs and pass them out in front of the airport. They would say in big block letters, IF THIS SCARES YOU, YOU ARE RETARDED.

But that would be mean to the learning disabled.

Still, actual Republicans are worse. My favorite thuggish story of the week: the father of a killed Marine uses his son's photograph in anti-war demonstrations; during the protest in D.C. this week a group of young Republicans stole the picture and beat him up because, I cannot make this up:

The captive Marine was not among his own. He was surrounded and outnumbered by those who shamelessly exploit his image and memory, disgrace his uniform, his brothers in arms, and his willing sacrifice. He would never choose such company. He needed a rescue...

The modern Republican party: combining the ethics of Nero with the empathy of autistic vultures since 1970 or so.

P.S. To everybody whose birthdays I've forgotten over the past year, happy belated birthday!


OMG! She also had Play-doh! FEAR! TERROR! She wasn't even trying to go through security! That's so suspicious!

That thing does look awfully like a bomb... if you're watching Voltron, maybe.

As for the other story, there's really no adequate response, because on some level, a response assumes that the problem isn't self-evident. That said, not responding is one of the Left's biggest problems.

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