Notes on Saturday Night NPR

Leigh Kamman broadcast the final installment of The Jazz Image tonight. Needless to say MPR will simply be replacing it with another jazz program, but seeing as the fellow has been hosting jazz broadcasts since the early 1940s, this feels like a bit of a landmark nonetheless. It's been an enjoyable show, but I never would have dared listen to it while driving, as Leigh's voice could put strung-out meth heads to sleep. I'm certain he's to blame for at least a couple of the times I've woken up face-down on the keyboard come morning.

Apparently the BBC now pronounces the j in junta. First off, it's silly to call the Burmese military government a "junta" at all, since that's a Spanish word that was adopted to describe the oppressive military governments of Latin America. I'm sure the Burmese have some local slang for "military dictatorship," and it's probably something that a BBC announcer (if not an American news anchor) could pronounce.

Secondly, seeing as it is a Spanish word, the pronounciation is (roughly; I'm not HTML coding the IPA here) "hoonta" -- certainly not "june-ta."

It would also seem that one candidate in the upcoming Ecuadorian elections is a masked superhero named The Pushisher -- when asked, he claimed to need the mask because he's "allergic to corruption." Sadly, a quick scan of the nets fails to turn up any pictures.

I also learned some trivia about brown eggs.

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