Spamming Snow

So I'm walking home a couple of nights ago, and I note that somebody's been writing in the drifted snow. This is one of those blocks where the front yards slope down steeply to meet the sidewalk, so it's possible to reach a fair amount of snow from the sidewalk. The printing is fairly neat, the letters a couple of feet tall, making a line of text parallel to the sidewalk for the length of several front yards. Like a news ticker, except I'm the one that's moving.

Obviously the content had been objectionable to someone, because large chunks have been rubbed out. Just a letter here and there remain, until I reach what must be the end of a sentence. Evidently the message was meant to be exciting. What remains reads:

...(stuff mostly rubbed out)...e!!!1!11!!one!!!1!!eleven!!1! ...(more stuff rubbed out)... AWESOME (cartoon of male genitals) !!!

It's like somebody transcribed spam onto a snowbank.

Apparently the meme is catching, because walking home last night there were more rubouts, but also more text showing up in the snowdrifts. Plus a large number of Jesus-fish. And the epigram, "Kucinich is J'aai!" I'm not sure if J'aai is meant to indicate support or opposition.

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